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Preparing Employees to be at Their Best

Learn how to maximize skills a new employee brings to the job and introduce practices that ensure their performance reflects your ideals.

0.5 Continuing Education Hours
30 Minutes
Certificate available upon completion

Please note, this webinar will be available for free only at the time of this scheduled event.
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You hired them. Now what? The first month of an employee’s integration into the culture is the best time to establish their performance habits and lay the foundation for best practices.

Job shadowing is one way organizations train new hires: you ask the new employee to follow a long-term, high-performing employee around and tell the newbie to do what they do. But there’s an inherent risk in that: the employee they’re following may have unspoken issues with the organization, disagree with some of its processes or may take short cuts that you don’t support.

In this session, Petra Marquart will introduce steps to maximize the skills a new employee brings to the job and introduce practices that will ensure their day-to-day performance reflects your ideals.

Receive 0.5 Continuing Education Hours for attending this webinar. Your certificate will be available immediately upon completion.