See ME: Customer Service Training in Compassionate Care is a video-based training program created specifically for long-term care organizations and communities. It addresses the heart and spirit that drive compassionate care.

The program doesn’t tell you what to do as much as how to be. It uses real-life examples and language and was filmed inside long-term care communities with real staff and residents bringing the message to life.

The program can be used to enhance service quality for the entire staff, or as pre-employment training for new hires so they come to work prepared and as a remedial tool for employees who need help meeting service performance standards.

Compassionate care is important because our most vulnerable citizens have earned the right to be treated with dignity and respect; because providing compassionate care is at the heart of who we are as a society and because the surging market of baby boomers will demand it.

This program was specifically created for all staff, in all departments and for all levels of management and leadership. Anyone who has contact with residents, family members, guardians, co-workers and other customer groups should participate in the program. This includes maintenance, housekeeping, environmental services, dining, clerical, front desk, administration, management and all other positions represented in long-term care.

There are basically three ways to deliver the program:

  1. As a training program provided through an organization or facility conducted by a facilitator in the Classroom format.
    • A master copy of a Leader Guide and Participant Workbook is provided which follow the video teaching. There are questions in the Leader Guide at the end of each module, which will help the facilitator generate conversations on how to integrate the material into the learners’ daily performance.
  2. As a Self-Study provided through an organization or facility to be used by individual employees.
    • After an individual employee views a video module, a short questionnaire will be provided at the end of each module to summarize the content. The correct answer will be indicated when selected and an incorrect answer will direct the learner to the correct answer and provide an explanation as to why it is correct.
  3. As a Self-Study for independent learners purchased by the learners.
    • Independent learners are required to participate in the entire online program in order to receive CEUs (Continuing Education Units). A short questionnaire will be provided at the end of each module to summarize the content. Completing the questionnaire is requisite to moving through the program.

The program provides you with a master copy of the Leader Guide (for classroom use only) and a Participant Workbook for learner notetaking. Both the Leader Guide and Participant Workbook are offered in a Word document format and a PDF format. The Word document format is for any organization that would like to add their own customer service policies, values, statements, messages, examples…anything that would reflect the character and nature of their unique service philosophy. These modifications can be made to both the Leader Guide and Participant Workbook, which will allow organizations to develop their own customized program built on the core message of See ME. The program can be renamed, but must follow the license agreement regarding sharing the program even if the program title is changed.

Customization allows organizations to use the modules that best fit their needs and to pair the program with other training programs being used. If necessary, the order in which the modules are presented can be modified to fit current needs and focus.

*Please note: The developers of the See ME program created the program modules in the most effective transformational order based on over 30 years of experience. We strongly suggest you follow the program as designed.

Yes. The core of the program is the seven customer Service Principles. For that reason, the seven principles must always remain intact and unchanged.

For organizations that purchase the online Self-Study, administrators will have access to a tracking page that will report each individual’s progress within the program. Tracking and reporting is only available for the online Self-Study option either purchased by an organization or an independent learner.

The Success Guide was written to be used as a supplemental guide for program coordinators, administrators, managers or anyone responsible for the outcome of the training and implementation of the materials into skills. The guide includes suggestions for ways to maximize the learning, how to introduce the program to the organization in advance of training, and how to create a team that will oversee and help integrate the training into daily operating procedure.

See ME: Customer Service Training in Compassionate Care is based on service ideals that have proven transformative across the world. The core tenets are foundational at Fortune 500 companies and are now being integrated into health-care organizations across the country. For the first time, the author of the best-seller, The Power of Service: Keeping Customers for Life, and creator of service training programs for Fairview Health Services, Mall of America, US Bank, Honeywell Space Systems, US Department of Veterans’ Affairs, has united those same service ideals with the spirit of compassion in a program written specifically for long-term care communities.   

The program is comprehensive in its content addressing issues such as • what residents and family members expect • the impact service has on the quality of care • how to deal with emotional situations • what genuine service includes • how to communicate effectively with people with diminished capacity • how to show compassion with dignity, not pity • how to respond appropriately to real-life situations • how to work well with others and honor differences.

Our videos were captured in real facilities with real employees, not actors. The situations presented happen every day in communities throughout the country and the scripts were previewed prior to filming by several established long-term care organizations. Years of research and customer service expertise went into designing this program to fit the unique needs of long-term care. We can guarantee this is not another off-the-shelf service training solution. It was written with thought and care and a deep desire to create a positive impact within the long-term care community.

Service – how people treat others – is not something you learn once and then it’s done.

Providing quality care is a daily challenge as time constraints, more demanding needs from residents and families, short-staffed shifts, and other distractors enter the picture. Continuing service education is like the need to sustain a healthy lifestyle. It’s a daily challenge and needs ongoing reinforcement, like getting enough exercise and eating right.

If you are looking for a program that addresses the spiritual component of service with the understanding that service comes from the heart in conjunction with a practical application of how to act and what to do, then this program is perfect for you.


  1. Classroom delivery: This is appropriate for communities of any size. A facilitator (internal trainer, manager, lead staff member, Human Resources representative, anyone who has a passion for service from any department or at any level of authority, etc.) will use the Leader Guide to lead discussions at the end of each module. This allows learners to review the teaching from the program and through discussion, consider how they might apply the concepts to their real world on a daily basis.

  2. Self-Study: This delivery option is perfect for three situations –
    1. Small communities that don’t have the time, space or personnel available to conduct a classroom session.
    2. New hires. No matter the size of your organization, you can’t take the risk of having a new employee start work without going through this program first. It will give them a core understanding of the job and prepare them to provide quality service from day one.
    3. Remedial review. The program can be used effectively to get an employee who has had issues or complaints levied against them in their interactions with customers back on track. Either a specific module can be assigned to address a specific issue or they can be asked to participate in the entire program to address an overarching lack of understanding for service in general.
  3. BOTH the Classroom delivery and Self-Study option:
    1. Purchasing this option gives communities the ability to offer both a Classroom experience and a Self-Study, whichever is most appropriate at the time.
    2. Self-Study can be used when there is no class scheduled and a new person has been hired.
    3. Self-Study can be used when there is an issue or complaint levied against an employee and no class has been scheduled.
    4. Employees who have used the Self-Study can still participate in a classroom delivery when one is offered to further integrate the teachings of the program into their daily work and to understand how the program fits into their own community’s values.

Our training program is available to be used online through the See ME website or in your organization’s LMS. If you choose the online option, access to all the files and the entire program will be available through our website. If you would like to use the LMS option, please contact us to have files created for your organization’s system.


It is our goal that all staff in each organization go through the training no matter their title or position. It’s our belief that quality service is equally important for everyone, whether they work in housekeeping, dining, maintenance or are direct-care providers. For this reason, the required employee count reported at time of purchase must include everyone on staff, not just direct-care providers. This does not include contractors or vendors.

If you have over 1,000 employees, please contact See ME directly by sending us a message at the bottom of the page or calling (866) 733-6323 to purchase the program. We have special tiered pricing available for organizations at the enterprise level with more than 1,000 employees.

If you have multiple sites or facilities, please contact us for our enterprise-level solution that will allow you to have access to the training for each facility.

  1. Not being truthful as to the number of employees you have at the time of purchase.
  2. Selling the program to anyone else outside of your organization under any name.
  3. Giving the program to anyone outside of your organization under any name.
  4. Posting the program online for others to use under any name.
  5. Any violation of the purchase agreement license.


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